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Nyt om World Shoot XVI
Skrevet af Tim Andersen   
Søndag, 20. marts 2011 13:40

'An Adventure With The Gods'
As the story goes, when the gods divided the world between themselves, Helios (the sun god) noticed an island emerging from the sea. He was so fascinated by its beauty that he immediately asked Zeus whether he might have this island for himself.

Rhodes was that island. An island that glides like a dolphin over the waves in the transparent seas of the south-eastern Aegean, where West meets East. Wreathed in golden beaches, bright green hills with hidden valleys and bathed in the light of the Greek sun god.

Last week, Alain Joly and I met with the Greek Regional Director, Ioannis (John) Anastassiou and his organization committee members in Rhodes. We walked and measured the ranges, met with the Mayor, visited hotels, and had several meetings to review the event planning and schedules. Here are some of the highlights...

World Shoot XVI Website
Will be available by the end of the week.

Match Hotel
The final terms and rates are being hammered out and should be available this week or next... It will be worth the wait!

There will be no duties on ammo shipped or brought for the competition. Details will be available on the website.

Match Ammunition
Quality IPSC match ammunition will be for sale at the match. Again, details will be available on the website.

Shooting Schedule
The shooting schedule will be the standard half-day format with a full day off.

Match Slots
As usual, the slots are allocated by IPSC strictly on a per capita basis. This time around, the allocation was like the 'perfect storm.' First, due to an incorrect Excel formula glitch every Region received proportionally more slots than they should have. Normally, this would not have been an issue because we would have been able to rectify the overage during the second round distribution. However, this time we had very very few slots returned. So, at this moment, we are potentially oversold by 16%. To quote Alain Joly, 'We'll make it work.'

We know that Rhodes with its rich history and natural beauty will be waiting to welcome all the competitors, officials, and their families for 'an Adventure With The Gods!'

There remains a few nagging glitches with the ICS and the IPSC Champions pages. They both should be cleared this coming week. Please let us know if you spot any other anomalies.

The annual IPSC Certificates are being printed and should be posted in the next week or two.

You're in the loop...

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