DSF Nyheder IPSC Danish Open IPSC Rifle Competition 2014 - Help Wanted
Danish Open IPSC Rifle Competition 2014 - Help Wanted
Skrevet af Mark S. Weisinger   
Mandag, 17. marts 2014 13:55

Dear DSF Shooters.

Years ago, if nobody did anything, we would not have had IPSC Handgun in Denmark. If we would not have pushed to make competitions, IPSC would have died in Denmark.

We need to keep making IPSC Rifle Matches.
We need to keep pushing for getting SKV2 for Semi Auto Rifles for Competition use.
We need to help to help DSF and DSU support our case with the Justice Department.

For this we need your help to make Danish Open IPSC Rifle Competition 2014.

We need your help to build and take down the competition.

Can I guarantee you a slot in the prematch... no.
Can I guarantee that this will gain us SKV2... no.

But I can guarantee if you do not help us to make competitions in Denmark that will not get SKV2.

So please do not help to be the death of IPSC Rifle in Denmark.
Please support us by helping us to make a good IPSC Rifle match in Denmark.

We need helpers for a work day on 18/05/2014.
We need helpers for building days from 31/05 – 18/06/2014.

We need RO’s to work at the match from 20 – 22/06/2014.

Please email me at: Denne emailadresse er beskyttet mod programmer som samler emailadresser. Du skal aktivere javascript for at kunne se adressen.

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